There's a house on the hill, in a Tasmanian town
With a view that's clear to the sea
I remember it still, though the years roll on down
It’s so stamped upon my memory

Where the cypress pines stand, row upon row
And line the fields rich and green
My family worked the land, and all that I know
Is grounded in those memories

But it’s all so different now and the houses have all gone
And the people I once knew have moved on
And it's hard to realise no longer I belong
Nowadays, I am a stranger
A stranger in my home

Well we’d play out in the barn, and down in the creek
Build a man-fern fortress down in there
Those days on the farm, the memories so deep
Those times were so free from care

Oh there've been changes
To the people and places there known
Now I feel, feel like a stranger
Feel like a stranger in my home

Was just a small country town, on a small windy road
That didn’t really go anywhere
Now the trees are cut down, and they’ve widened up the road
And it’s hard to recognise places there