My Father said "I've got things to do
I’m not getting younger, and so we must move"
So we packed up our home
It would never be the same
Out on the Wimmera plains
Sometimes it seems that the hardest thing
Is to leave behind all that you love
So we packed up our home and headed out west
To some place we’d never dreamed of

Sometimes it seems that your whole world will bust
Just hanging around here in the heat and the dust
But these people here are the kind you can trust
And be around
Life in a small country town

Now Saturday's football at West Park
We'd ride our two wheelers from sun up 'til dark
Go down to the station
And up on Big Hill
There seemed so much time to kill
All around the remains of a century ago
When this town was built upon gold
Now there's not much here left but acres of land
And the sheep and the wheat that are sold

Just thirty months later our father was gone
There was not much to stay here for we found
So we packed up our home and headed back south
On to some other small town